Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to pick a pill box part 1

Hopefully you have learned about your ailment and the medications you have been prescribed and you have committed to taking your medications properly.  Time to move forward- time to get organized!

Now its time for the fun part- picking a pill box that is right for you.

Some of the important things to consider before purchasing a pill box.

1. How many medications are you (or family member) on?
2. What are the sizes of your pills?
3. How many times a day do you need to take them?
4. Do you need to take your meds with you to work or travel?
5. Is privacy a concern?
6. How often do you want to fill your pill box?

Pill boxes come in hundreds of shapes and sizes and are available at most any drugstore. There are large selections of quality pill boxes at CVS and Walgreens if you shop there.  Target and Walmart too- by the pharmacy. You can get ones that are designed specifically for taking am/pm medications, 3 times day, 4 times a day, monthly, weekly and so on. There are some designed for travel, some that lock, huge ones, little tiny ones, dettachable ones, some for pets, teens, adults and elders......and some that are opaque so your medications are discreet.

In the end- it will come down to personal preferences, it can be something as simple as a color you like. The main thing is to get one that resonates with you and creates a positive feeling when you look at it or use it- something vials will not.

Next blog we will go into specifics of functionality that separate good pill boxes from bad ones.

-pill box guy

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