Monday, December 27, 2010

Caregivers and Parents-save time with one of these!

If you are a caregiver, or parent who manages medications, using a pill box can not only help someone take the right dose at the right time- they can save you TONS of time and hassle.

Think of it this way- if you are managing 5 prescriptions that are taken twice daily- you have to open those vials over 300 TIMES A MONTH! By opening up the vials each time you dispense, you are also increasing the likelihood of medication errors. Vials look the same, and are easy to mix up. Sitting down once a month or week and pre-filling a pill box is one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to make sure your medications are dispensed correctly. You no longer have to worry about fussing with a drawer full of vials, spending time each day dispensing medication.

One of the best times to pre-load a pill box is on Sunday when you are planning the week. Most people use this time since it is often free from the stress or "white noise" of the other days of the week. Now you can concentrate on making sure the medication is correctly dispensed.

One of the most popular models of pill boxes for caregivers and people on multiple medications is the one shown here. You can purchase at any major drug store or retailer. These are perfect for pre-loading. Now all your week or months medication is in one handy spot. Plus you can easily tell if a dose was missed- something almost impossible to do with vials.

Remember to chose a pill box that works for your situation- and one you like! There are hundreds of shapes, styles, and sizes- all designed to make managing your medications much easier. And most are under 5 dollars!

I will go into more detail and helpful hints about choosing pill boxes in future blogs.

-Pill Box Guy

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  1. Great article. As simple as it sounds to do medications, getting the right pill box makes a huge difference. Thanks--- Lori La Bey with Alzheimer's Speaks