Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This week I will be giving away a free pill box to those that are interested in trying one. This is a basic model in some fun colors that are perfect for someone on one or two prescriptions that don’t require a lot of multiple dosing. A model like this is great for on the go, or for taking to work. Also ideal if you are taking a daily vitamin.

Remember, the thing that makes a pill box so effective is that you can see if you took your medication or not- so it's easy to tell if you missed a dose. The other great benefit is that you can pre-load your weeks worth of meds (usually on a Sunday) so you don’t have to hassle with your vials all week. Helps you get organized and commit to taking your medications properly.

(Odds are you will want a larger pill box or AM/PM model if you are managing a lot of medication.) There are all sorts of shapes sizes and colors available at your local drug store.

These pill boxes are for all ages (12yr or older) and suitable for storing virtually any pill type.

I have a limit of about 50 on hand, first come first serve, and will send them out the following Tuesday 1/18 via standard USPO. (I can not guarantee 100% the color you chose will be available- will do my best.)

Any comments you could post about your experiences with managing medications, or pill boxes, is always very much appreciated!

Pictured below is the model you will receive- standard large contour bottom 7-day pill box.

To get your pill box simply email pillboxguy@apothecaryproducts.com with your name, address and color choice. (Navy, Lt Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow) If you have a spouse who you think could also use one, I have no problem sending two. These are of course brand new pill boxes, just not packaged for retail.

Thanks and enjoy!

Pill Box Guy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Keep it Neat and Discreet

Not everyone likes to advertise the fact that they are on medication. Anti-depressants, sleeping disorders, ADHD, anxiety, viagra, and many other medications often carry social stigmas with them.

If you or a family member (especially teens) are sensitive about the medication they take I suggest trying a trendy opaque pillbox. The last think I want is someone not to take their medication correctly due to concerns about privacy. These are perfect for people who want to avoid snooping, yet have to take a couple of pills with them to work or travel. These dailies are also great for keeping extra pills in your purse or pocket for emergency use too. These are also my personal favorites because they are fun!

The one pictured below you can find at cvs, walgreens and I believe rite aid very soon. (can also check or request them at independent pharmacies) Every 9 months or so the designs will change to keep them fresh.
There are a variety of opaque pill boxes out there that make work for you, these are just great for casual prescription users- can also be used for mints, change, jewelry, or whatever.

Keep your meds neat and discreet!